Brittanie Thomas

Showcased Artist

Brittanie Thomas is an educator, student, singer, writer, and composer. She works and is studying for her doctorate degree at Rowan University, where she identifies as a creative practitioner, integrating her art with educational practice and teaching.

She released her debut album, Two Chords and Pen, independently in 2013 with the help of Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer, Joshua Lay (Left Brain Productions).

Her current YouTube series, Brains and Lyrics, brings relevant song lyrics, melodies, and overall moods to a conversational platform with students in mind. The series offers Brittanie practice in conducting in-action research, a necessary component of her current doctoral program, through the integration of relatable songs, alongside insightful, teaching conversations. In 2017, Thomas served with a selective millennial entrepreneur panel, hosted by NJ Congressman Norcross and was also honored by the Gloucester County NAACP Chapter with a Woman of Courage Award.

Artist Statement

My path is unconventional, which is the irony of even arriving at this point. My start was a B.S. in Business Administration with a minor in Africana Studies, followed by a financial aid career within higher education. Typical, next came an M.S. in Higher Education, the sporadic decision to record an album, the sudden urge to quit my profession, the fear shock of that decision, the need to rejoin the workplace, a second master’s degree in management, and now a doctorate; oh…and some new music.

The journey initially seemed chaotic. To close friends and family, I appeared as a true product of the millennial generation: discontent and sporadic. Today the journey is clear. Studying as a creative practitioner has shown me a truth that I misunderstood for the majority of my life: there is no one path anyone is required to be on, except for the one that truly represents them.

My hope is that my creative and educational work will be a demonstration of the true possibility of integrating interests in a meaningful, yet dope way.

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