Ivana Renee

SheROCKS NY, Guy-Blaché DuVernay Honoree


With the support of my real-life homegirls and “homegirls in the city”, Ivana Renee has been empowered to share the good, the bad, and the shady through the scripted podcast series, “Homegirls in the City”. As the self-described professional homegirl, Ivana earned a B.A. in English from Georgetown University in order to perfect the art of Instagram captions. However, she’s since found other uses for her skill set. Between brunches, apartment hunting, and quarter-life crises, she’s spent her time in New York City working in marketing for companies including Madison Square Garden, NBCUniversal, and Victoria’s Secret. She’s also been a sales rep, a nanny, and unemployed because…balance. Nevertheless, stories are her passion, and as a writer, she believes in the connective and therapeutic power of storytelling.


Project Info: 

There is nothing more important to how we relate to other people than the stories we share. “Homegirls in the City” is a collection of stories from homegirls who are honest with themselves, each other, and the world. Winner of the New York Media Center’s Made in New York Podcast Pitch Night 2017, Ivana Renee captures the feels of some of the most fire shorties on the planet, adds a little personal sauce, and transcribes and dictates a short form, first-person narrative exclusively for the real ones. In this project, “I” is for all of us.

Coming soon, “Homegirls in the City” podcast will be adapted into a digital series, remaining the best 10 minutes you’ve had all cuffing season.