Janai Marshall

Honoree, Frida Kahlo SheROCKS Artist of the Year

A homegrown resident of Washington D.C., Janai Marshall Rayfield is more activist than visual artist. A therapist by trade, Janai sees no conflict between the expressive art and mental health realms, crafting her artwork to speak to matters of the heart. In every acrylic painting, hand painted stationery set, or custom jewelry piece, she aims to affirm and encourage you in your inherent worth and embolden you to maximize your potential. Using vivid colors and liberal metallics, she creates statement pieces that point the heart to seek higher perspectives by incorporating symbolic imagery, scripture, inspirational quotes, and even lines from her original songs or spoken-word poetry. She is currently developing her “Queen” series, celebrating the strength and beauty of women of color.

To find out more about Janai, visit DCFloodlightStudios.com