Kyaira Ware

SheROCKS Event, Showcased Artist, Singer

Kyaira Ware is a 26-year-old creative from Riverdale, IL who lives by the mantra “Love, Light, & Soul”. Growing up, Kyaira was your everyday awkward black girl who preferred the company of her karaoke machine and microphone over people. Instead of playing outside with friends, she would be found singing in her grandmother’s basement, or preparing for another audition. She didn’t know then what the future would hold, but she knew it had to involve using her greatest superpower, her voice. After graduating from Howard University with a science degree and minor in classical voice, Kyaira finally decided to break away from the comfortability of keeping to herself, and bloom into the confident vocalist that she is today. Her unique powerhouse vocals are well complimented with soothing undertones similar to the likes of Lauryn Hill and Ari Lennox. Her voice is the warm hug you never knew you needed.