Moxie Knox

SheROCKS NY, Showcased Artist, Singer/Songwriter

Moxie Knox is an NYC-born singer/songwriter with a smooth, deep tone that is unique in today’s music. Her lyrics will have you introspecting, dancing and riding the waves of her soothing melodies. Moxie began her journey into entertainment as a dancer when she was just five years old. Her talent granted her opportunities to perform at renowned spaces like Highline Ballroom, Alvin Ailey Studios and The Howard Theatre.

In addition to dance, creative writing was one of Moxie’s favorite hobbies growing up. She penned love songs, poems and short stories in notebooks her parents gave her. As a high schooler, Moxie began to hone in on her songwriting ability, and she continued to develop it in college. She minored in Music at CUNY City College, where she earned her BA in Business Management in 2016.

In 2018, Moxie released her first two singles and music videos, “Thorough,” and “One More Time.” “Thorough” gained its first stamp of recognition when it was reposted on its release date in April by Pigeons & Planes. “One More Time,” released July 30th, earned its spot on the Verified R&B playlist on audiomack, and was also listed as “trending.” The song surpassed over 40,000 streams in its first month. Her first EP, “Motion,” drops October 2018!

Moxie teams up with dancers and videographers to create visuals that provide a saturated viewer experience. She continues to inspire and to grind every day, personifying the tenacity of a true entertainer.