Celebrating Women Who are Culture Curators Changing Our World

SheROCKS is one of the fastest growing events for emerging women artists and entrepreneurs. The event honors The State of Fem Art’s commitment to help women thrive in the entertainment and business industries where they may not otherwise be recognized. Each year the event showcases women in performing and visual arts while creating ways to accelerate support among women entrepreneurs. The event also honors distinct women whose efforts have paved the way for the success of other artists and women in business. Since its conception, the event has been a hit boasting sold-out crowds, increased partnerships amongst women business owners and creatives, and significant exposure and success for all artists who have been showcased. We’re excited to celebrate a decade of this exciting event.


Your Event Guide

SheROCKS 2023 Line-Up

Showcased Artists

Rhonda Vetere

Woman of the Year

Anshia Crooms

Industry Power Player of the Year

Debbie Vu

Filmmaker of the Year

Olivia Morgan

Annie Leibovitz SheROCKS Photographer of the Year

Kelsey Nieto

Emerging Artist of the Year

Ajia Monet

Designer of the Year

Natalie May LaCour

SheROCKS HerStory Recipient

Dr. Nikki Brooks-Seevers

Woman Wellbeing Ambassador of the Year

Natalie May

Speaker & CEO, Chaise Management Group

Janishia Jones

Speaker & CEO, Fresh 'N Sassy Productions

Brittanie Thomas

Speaker & Founder, The Better Giveback Foundation Inc.

Timea Faulkner

Speaker & Founder, SheROCKS & The State of Fem Art

Bobbie Michelle

Showcased Artist, Singer

Shan Dae

Showcased Artist, Singer/Musician


Showcased Artist, Singer

Michaela Baldwin

Showcased Artist, Visual Artist


Showcased Artist, Singer/Songwriter

Debbie Vu

Showcased Artist & Honoree, Filmmaker of the Year

Roella Oloro

Showcased Artist, Musician


Showcased Artist, Dancer


Showcased Artist, Singer

Kourtney Iman

Showcased Artist, Photographer

Olivia “Lit Liv”

Showcased Artist & Honoree, Photographer of the Year

Dawn Bangi

Showcased Artist, Photographer/Visual Artist

Ashley Cruel

Showcased Artist, Poet


Showcased Artist, Visual Artist