Ajia Monet

Designer of the Year

Ajia Monet, Founder and principal of Ablige Interior Design Group— Interior design firm based out of both the DMV + ATL has been a trailblazer in her industry for the past several years. While organically   growing her boutique design firm , Ajia has been able to take her business to new heights by way of strategic marketing, e-commerce expansion, internal scaling, diversified services and just pure raw talent. In addition, her design firm has been a force to be reckoned with due to their very niche aestectic that many describe as westcoast Californian modern meets east. AIDG specializes in approachable luxury residential interiors + exteriors.

Though it is quite evident that Ajia is extremely passionate about her craft —— the thing that she truly values the most is the authentic relationships she is able to cultivate along the way within the work itself. Ajia genuinley continues to strive for organic steadfast  growth (professionally +personally) & with that said Ajia now wears many hats; principal designer, boss, interior design business coaching mentor, influencer and millennial mom.  The brands she represents are; (AIDG)Ablige Interior design group, Ablige Home and Ablige coaching academy.