Debbie Vu

Showcased Artist & Honoree, Filmmaker of the Year

Debbie Vu is an award-winning filmmaker based in Durham, NC. For five years, she has been running a video production company called IronWorx Media where the team produces award-winning scripted content and short documentaries for nonprofit organizations and small businesses. Debbie has experience in a variety of roles in film production including screenwriter, director, producer, 1st Assistant Director, 2nd Camera Assistant, production assistant, BTS videographer and photographer, and video editor. IronWorx Media has a robust internship where interns get hands-on educational experiences with writing, filming, and/or editing. IronWorx Media produced three short films, written, produced, and directed by interns, one of which won the Empathy award at a film festival. Debbie‘s second short film, “Roll Pin Punch”, and “Ma’s Kitchen” are among the films that have been accepted in over 25 film festivals.