Dr. Nikki Brooks-Seevers

Woman Wellbeing Ambassador of the Year

Dr. Nikki Brooks-Seevers is an entrepreneur, community activist, and co-host of the Beads & Butter Entrepreneur Podcast from Washington, DC.

Her study “The Kardashian Effect: The Impact of Selfie-Culture on Millennial Women” is the seminal work defining her interest in the connection between emotional wellness and social media engagement. A significant finding of this study was that selfie culture has evolved into a communication style that impacts interpersonal communication as well as corporate culture.

Dr. Nikki is also focused on the importance of self-care. Through her business, Zen in a Jar, she creates ways for women to access luxury experiences for the mind, body, and space with an emphasis on the power of aromatherapy and the olfactory sense. This business not only helps other women experience self-care, it is also how she financed her doctoral degree!

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems & a Master’s in Communication from Trinity University in Washington, DC. She received her Doctor of Science in Information Systems & Communication from Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh, PA.